Our Equipment

Specialized Forklifts has the largest supply of rigger lifts available for rent on the West Coast with lift capacity up to 120,000 lbs. We have a Rigger Lift 120, Rigger Lift 80, and Rigger lift 30/35.

Our forklifts lift up to 62,000 lbs. We have Hyster 620 and 460, Taylor TE360, and Cat V330.

High Capacity

Our lift trucks, riggers, and forklifts lift from 10,000lbs - 120,000lbs

Low Profile

Our forklifts have low profiles. Shipping them on a single truck reduces transportation costs.


We"ll configure any setup you need, from booms to coil handlers to straight forks.


Our lift trucks ship quickly and conveniently from S&R Transport in Fremont, CA.

Rigger Lifts

Rigger Lift 120

Rigger Lifts

Our riggers lift up to 120,000 lbs at a 24" load center with forks or boom.


Hyster 620


Our forklifts lift up to 62,000 lbs at a 48" load center with forks or coil handler.

We rent the lift trucks you need